With a population of 2,881,200, Pittsburgh is a top 25 market as well as the key economic and cultural driver for the tri-state region. Pittsburgh's world class cultural institutions, low cost of living and diversified economy has made it one of the most livable cities in America. Pittsburgh is the world headquarters for eight Fortune 500 companies, home to the largest green building in the world, and continues to be a key innovation hub for technology, healthcare and industry.

Q 929 FM Radio Station

Q 92.9 FM

In March 2008, Pittsburgh was introduced to the new Q92.9 FM. It is simply a newer, fresher, better approach to playing a great music mix. Unlike most stations in the market, who rely on corporate playlists handed down from distant cities, Q92.9 is locally owned and operated and features a staff born and raised in Pittsburgh. We are uniquely able to reflect the musical lifestyle tastes of Pittsburghers.

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BOBFM 969 Radio Station

BOB FM 96.9

Since 2006, Bob-FM has been Pittsburgh's favorite radio station for musical variety. Why? Most Pittsburgh radio stations play between 225 and 600 songs in a week. Bob-FM plays over 1,000 song titles in a week! The average Pittsburgher listens to between 4 and 5 radio stations, proving they crave variety. That is why Bob-FM is consistently ranked as one of the top stations in Pittsburgh. Bob satisfies that craving for variety.

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